Wanted: A Few Good Men (and Women)

I think back to the early 1900s and what is likely the most famous poster to ever be printed in the United States.  The poster depicts “Uncle Sam” stating, “I want You for the U.S. Army”.

Uncle Sam became somewhat of shorthand for the United States in the early 1800s when someone coined the phrase while loading barrels of food that were stamped with “U.S.”  The joke was that it stood for Uncle Sam, and it became a nickname for the Nation’s Government.

In 1917 when the country was getting ready to enter World War I, James Montgomery Flagg depicted ‘Uncle Sam’ as an older, serious looking gentleman, wearing clothing that resembles the American Flag.  Flagg was well known as a propaganda artist, with the Uncle Sam poster being his most famous work.

From 1917-1918 more than four million posters were printed for use to try and entice men into military service.  But the focal point for me comes in the statement, “I want you for the US Army”.

Truth is, the government needed help with the military; and I envision the Church of today being in the same boat as the Government was in the early 1900s; in need of a few good men and women to serve.

God can use each of us to bring others to Him.  That means you and I have a purpose to go out and serve, much like the men and women in the military.  The Armed Services are in place to help protect our country and provide well-being.  The Church is in place to do the same when it comes to the spiritual well-being of those around us, this is where God, “Wants you for His Army!”

Are you willing to give yourself for service?  Are you open to reporting for duty?

It may take some sacrifice on your part, but the sacrifice that was made for you on the Cross of Calvary is more than worth the time that we are asked to put in to furthering the Kingdom of God.

God is speaking to each of us today, asking us to join His army and fight the battle against evil and sin.  He is asking each of us not only to join the Army, but to be recruiters as well.  We are the poster for the Kingdom of God; we are the bearers of the message; and the message: “I Want You for God’s Army!”

Be the example, live the example, and bring others to know the love the God has for them.  Today is your day to shine!  Start recruiting today!


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