Fool’s Gold

With April Fool’s Day being just a few weeks ago this is something has been running through my mind quite a bit and I wanted to share it with you. One of the most interesting things that we come across is Pyrite, or fool’s gold. On the surface it appears to have all the appearance of God, and is named because it has tricked many over the years into thinking that they have a fortune; yet, on closer inspection is worthless.

There are many today who claim to be Christians, and on the surface appear to have it all together, but on the inside are falling apart and are from from being the person everyone thinks they are. This is something that I’m sure we all feel guilty of at times, and something that can keep us from growing closer to God as we should. We too often allow our guilt to get the best of us.

Guilt doesn’t have to rule us. One thing we can do is to evaluate our own character. It isn’t what everyone sees that we will be judged when Christ returns, but the person we are when no one sees us. It isn’t the shiny, outward appearance that God uses to measure our character, but the inward.

Monitor yourself and see what God sees.

What are you centered around? Do you pray? Study scripture? Who are you when no one is looking? Is it a man or woman God wants to see?

If the answers to these questions don’t line up with scripture, maybe we need to change some things about ourselves. We may feel that who we are is not good enough for the Kingdom. We must remember that Christ died for our sins, and all he asks of us is that we adapt our lives to the calling he has on our lives. Today there is hope for each of us thanks to the death and resurrection we just celebrated.

Today, ask God to help you keep your private moments holy, just as you appear in the not so private moments of life as well. Filter your life through the scriptures, and make it a point to live life along the lines of Philippians 1:21, rather than 2:21. Who are you today? Who do you want to be?

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21 KJV)

“For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.” (Philippians 2:21 KJV)

Which one are you today? I hope you find yourself seeking to live in Christ today.


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