Stand or Fall

I have done a lot of thinking lately about the old cliché, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”

It came to mind the other night while thinking about the situation that we are in with HB2 and other laws, but also with a number of issues that we face today as Christians.  I want to take some creative liberties, however, with this statement and redirect our attention to these words: “You’ve got to stand for Christ, or you’ll fall for anything.”

The problem with our world today is that a number of Christians tend to approach controversy in such a way to not offend other groups or individuals.  We tend to play it safe when it comes down to the things in which our ‘religion’ comes into question.  Here is where I want to encourage you to truly seek God’s instruction and wisdom on how you should approach certain circumstances that may arise.

We must stand on the Word of God, taking to heart each word and applying it to our lives.  If we take the Scripture at it’s worth we will see things in a different light.  We will not seek approval from the world, and we will not fall for the lies that the world will try to tell us.  This may mean that we are turned away by some groups or individuals based on our beliefs, but I would warn you to avoid changing your stance for acceptance.

Romans 14:22 says, “Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves.”  This says to me that we can be held accountable for the things that we show approval for.  Taking a stand for what the Scripture says is the best way to avoid this in our lives.  The Bible is the Word of God.  If we are not completely immersing ourselves in the Word and becoming familiar with God’s intentions for our lives, we can easily find ourselves approving of things that we should not be.

Do not let the world talk you into approvals that aren’t God’s will…

I’m not telling you how to believe, I’m encouraging you to open the Word and see for yourself….

I feel that if we want to make a difference in the world today, we must be aware of the lies that are out there.  We must fully envelop ourselves with the Word of God, fully preparing ourselves for the battle that is ahead.  Today is a day that we can see freedom, but we must accept grace.  Today we must embrace our faith and tell others where we stand.  Today, we must stand for God, accepting His grace that saves us from our sins.

Please, look deep within your heart today…trust God, love God, seek God.  Read and apply the Word!


One response to “Stand or Fall

  1. Thank you Phillip, I have been responding in a similar way this last semester. Walk in love with the sinner, but stand firm in what the scriptures say or I personally believe that we will have someone’s blood on our hands. Love em to Jesus!!!
    Thanks again, Tracy

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