God Plans for Our Success

I have been studying the first few chapters of Genesis lately, and in studying I have come to a realization that we fail to see in many aspects of our lives today…God truly plans for our success.

In Genesis 3 we see the story of Eve and the Serpent…God had made sure that Adam and Eve were aware of the tree that they should not eat from…in fact, just as a child knows not to stick a fork in an outlet or to touch a hot burner on a stove, they took God’s word for it when they were told that if they were to eat or even touch the tree that they would die…until Satan stepped in and changed Eve’s perspective.

What we see is that Eve told the serpent that she could not eat from the tree because God had told them not to eat from the tree, but much like today, Satan convinced Eve that God was withholding something “good” from her.  We are all like Adam or Eve…we are either passive and partake because someone else is doing it, or we are the ones who know it is wrong and yet we partake because we convince ourselves that God is holding something back from us and that we need to experience the joys of life.

I challenge you today to take a close look at these “joys” of life that we believe we are missing out on…God has a reason that we should avoid certain things…It might have been the best tasting fruit in the Garden…it might have been the prettiest tree, but God’s command was clear; They were to avoid that tree…but Satan convinced Eve that she was missing out on a blessing…which turned out to be a curse.

Look at how Eve’s mind changed from not wanting to partake to seeing that the tree was “good for food” and “attractive to the eye” in Genesis 3:6-7, so she ate.  She threw away everything God had told her with His Word, and His Word should have been enough, just as it should for all of us…but, it wasn’t…she felt the need for proof, but it would be a deadly decision…and Adam went along with it.

Today, I challenge you to take God at His word…listen to what He says to you and filter it through His word…If the world tells you how God would want you to have it and how God would want you to be happy, look to His word and see what He has to say about it, it could just be the devil in snake’s clothing slipping in and telling you everything is going to be alright…but just because it looks and tastes good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  Just some “food” for thought.

God has a plan for your success…don’t listen to those who tell you His plan is simply Him holding out on you…it might be that you just don’t see the consequences until it’s too late.


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