That’s When He Carries You

As a sports fan I look forward every four years to the Olympics. It is an awesome display of talent as the world’s greatest athletes gather to compete for the Gold.

I can think of a number of great performances over the years that we have heard about as well. Stories like that of Eric Liddell, the British runner who did not compete in his strongest event because of his Christian beliefs, winning Gold in 1924.

You see great performances like those of Usain Bolt of Jamaica, establishing himself as the fastest man in the world, or Gabby Douglas, who stole the hearts of America, earning Gold in the gymnastics all-around competition. But one that sticks out to me is the events in the 400m dash at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

This was to be the night for Derek Redmond, he felt great and was considered by many as a favorite to medal in the event. All started well as Redmond, who started in lane five, sprinted out past the runners in lanes six through eight and pushed to the front of the competition in the semi-final heat.

Redmond seemed in control until something popped…he had torn his hamstring, and the pain was evident in his face…all these years of training and months of preparation to get to his dream snapped with his hamstring.

An amazing thing happened when Redmond went down. His father leapt out of the grandstands and ran to his side, putting his son’s arm over his shoulder and he helped his son finish the heat. Helping him to make sure that he finished the race.

This is the same way that Jesus sees us as we are hobbling through our race, struggling along on our way to the finish. He saw us limping along with little hope and he jumped out of the stands, wrapped his arms around us, and is carrying us to the finish.

The cross of Christ gives us this hope. We can finish our race because when we are struggling along, that’s when he carries us to the finish. Today we can rest in the knowledge that he is carrying us, but we can also help carry others in the love that Christ has shown us.

Today, tell someone about the love of Christ and how he is in the stands waiting to jump out and carry them if they will just look to him.


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