What Have We Become?

This question has been on my mind over the past couple of months, and the more I try to shake it, the more I tend to think about it. What have we become? As a nation, community, etc. But it has brought me back mostly to one question that has outweighed them all…what have we become as children of God?

We have bought in hook, line and sinker to the world around us. We are living double lives and we don’t even know that we are doing it. On some level, we all tend to give ourselves over each day to the ways of the world in our own little ways, and it is high time that we begin to truly do a self-inventory of what God would want from His people as we seemingly approach what could be the final days of this world we are in.

I am not trying to use scare tactics, but this thought has been coupled with the verse out of Revelation 3:16 that says, “Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

This verse has sent chills down my spine lately when I think about the American church and how we have become quiet on issues of faith. We are beginning to back away from the tough arguments because it might upset someone and we are letting the trends of the world become a norm within the body of the church. We are called to be the bride of Christ.

What have we become? We have become lukewarm. We refuse to take a side or a stand. We have allowed ourselves to become fence sitters, watching both sides and occasionally jumping off to what seems to be the most popular opinion at the time. Sometimes stepping down on the side of tolerance, even if the scripture says that God would not approve, we show approval because it might offend someone.

Other times, we jump down on the side of scripture and take a short stand, until someone comes along and presents an argument that puts us right back on the fence where we are content to ride it out and stay neutral as to again, not offend anyone with our stance.

Today, I challenge you to filter your life through the words of God; test the things around you with the scripture and if God says no, take a stand for God in a world that will try to pull you down to their side. Riding the fence is a dangerous thing, especially when God has already told us that He will spit us out if we are lukewarm…What is God leading you to take a stand for today? Stand up and be counted, do not sit by as the world continues to fall farther away…show them the love of God in a way that will lead them to the cross of Christ.


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