Off to See the Wizard

I’m a huge fan of anything Wizard of Oz.  I know, I’m letting folks into a little secret about my life…but that being said, I have spent a couple of days thinking about the story and realizing that life is very much like that book (or for some of you, the movie).

We all live in a world that is full of fantasy…sometimes carrying ourselves off to a place that is full of excitement and awe, but also many times is full of destruction.  We face many adversaries along the way, and sometimes we find ourselves overcome by the circumstances, but along the way we have friends who can help us or enemies who will lead us away.

Yes, I do realize that life is not about finding some magic wizard and having him work a spell to help us find happiness…in fact, the similarities to the story end at the path and destination.  I mean, sure, we could speak metaphorically about the story and life, but God is not a wizard that we call on when we have a need and it doesn’t take a journey to find him, he is right beside us all the time, as we travel the path.

In fact, we should stop viewing God as something that we control, and realize that all he wants from us commitment to his way.  I find that life throws us curveballs along the way and that we struggle to see which way to go.  Sometimes it takes us sitting down and focusing to find what we can see.  Sometimes we have to remove distractions from our lives…maybe it means putting down our cell phone or turning off the TV…maybe its picking up God’s Word and reading what He has to tell us….

Maybe…just maybe…all he wants us to do is be quiet and listen.  Sometimes he is telling us things but we do not hear them because we are too focused on trying to find out, using our limited knowledge, the explanation for something when God isn’t finished talking to us yet.

I would encourage you to be alert, seek for him to speak in unexpected ways, and realize that sometimes you may not have to explain anything…God will reveal his answer to you in His time and in His way.

Has he not promised to never leave us or forsake us? Has he not promised to give us all we need in this life? Has he not promised that the ending of our story is taken care of as long as we follow the path he has set ahead?

Don’t follow the Yellow Brick Road….follow the path that God has laid out for you…it isn’t a road to nowhere…it’s a road where He is beside you all the way home.


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