In the Beginning…God

Genesis 1:1 begins with four words that I think are crucial to our lives…”In the Beginning…God…”

Do we really need any other words for us to find comfort in life? It really gives us more insight into our Christian lives than just the creation story.  Sure, it is the beginning of our story, a story that starts with Adam and Eve.  It is the first of many stories that make up our History as God’s children…but it is so much more for us to think about on an everyday basis.

In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth (Gen. 1:1) is how the story starts…but I want to challenge you to put this in front of you each day…each moment…

In the beginning of each day…God.

In the beginning of each conversation…God.

In the beginning of each relationship…God.

In the beginning of each situation, circumstance, moment…God.

In every moment we face, if we begin with God we will see things happen that we may never have thought possible.  Begin everything with God…no matter what it is.  A new relationship, friendship, job, opportunity…no matter what…start with God at the forefront and see things change in a mighty way!

I challenge each of you today to begin each day with God.  Open the scripture, read what He has to show you.  As you face new circumstances during a day, pray…open up the gates for God to move in your life and see great things happen for you today!  Do not try and do it on your own…no matter what…just remember today:

“In the Beginning…God!”


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