Never Look Back

One story that I feel we can all look at and think about where we are as Christians in our faith is the story of Lot and his family. We can see where we fit in and what our future can be based on the different characters that we see.

Lot was told to flee the city because God planned to destroy the city because of the sin that was taking place. One instruction he was given was to tell his family to not look back at what was taking place. So here we are with a city full of corruption, a family found faithful, and God’s displeasure with what was taking place.

Abraham had even bargained with God that if there were 10 righteous men in the city it would not be destroyed. But he could not find them. So we see God fulfilling his word and saving a family with instruction to keep their eyes forward and not look back, the same instruction we are given when we flee the past and move forward as new believers when we accept Christ as our savior.

So, Lot took his family and fled the city, as God called down His fire to destroy the two cities who had turned their back on the God who had given them life. And the instruction was, “Do not look back!”

This is where we see ourselves in the story. We are one of three people in the story. For those who live their lives with no regard for God and His word, we are like those in the city who refused to accept God and His ways, and our end will always be destruction for the unrepentant sins that we commit. Or perhaps we are like Lot or his wife.

We may find that we are like Lot, willing to trust God, move forward, and go on with a new life that He has promised because we took Him at His word.

Then again, we may find that we are like Lot’s wife…

We live life on the fence, living with one foot in both worlds, and in the end we will find that our end comes without a true decision to follow God’s plan. Lot’s wife was given the chance to leave and to follow the same path as Lot, but she could not let go of what was being left behind and looked back, which was in direct violation of the orders that God had given and she met her end as she was turned to a pillar of salt.

Are you living like Lot’s wife today? Are you living with one foot in both worlds? Are you running forward on the path to freedom, but looking back and struggling to let go of a past that is leading you into certain destruction?

God’s word to us today: “Never look back!”

God tells us how he feels about those who are on the fence in Revelation 3:15-16: “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Today, learn to be like Lot…run from destruction and never look back. Put your trust in God and trust His direction. We can’t move forward if our focus is on what is behind.


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