Where is Faith?

We all battle with uncertainty…we all struggle with questions…and seemingly we all seem to be searching for answers that many times we feel may never come…

So what are we supposed to do? We hear stories of faith…we see examples in Hebrews 11 of many who are considered heroes of faith…but that still doesn’t help us when it comes to our own struggles, or at least it doesn’t seem to help us like we think it should.

First, we must understand what faith truly is…

It is the assurance of things hoped for, the certainty of things not seen (Heb. 11:1)

So if we feel sure that things we hope for will work out, and we are sure of things that we can’t see then everything will work out just like we feel it should…right?

Well, there is still the tugging of our hearts to worry about things because we can’t see a clear answer…we still battle with things because we feel like we need to touch it and hold it for it to be real…but why?  Why is it so hard for us to just let things rest and have faith that they will all be ok?

We are like many who are outlined in the chapter…we deal with struggles that sometimes seem too much to bear.  We deal with circumstances that are more than we hoped they’d be. We get frustrated because we expected an answer yesterday to our prayer…no matter what our circumstance, we struggle with letting God handle our issues.  So, let me ask you a few questions:

Where would Shadrach, Messhach, and Abednigo be if they hadn’t trusted that God would deliver them from the fire? Where would Joseph had been if he didn’t have faith that God had a bigger plan than him getting tossed in a pit and sold into slavery? Where would Noah have been if he hadn’t trusted God and built an Ark, even though it likely had never rained on the earth? Or Moses, if he hadn’t had the faith to stand and lift his staff to part the Red Sea?

Or, maybe Abraham, if He hadn’t had the faith that God would provide and left his home to travel into a land that was unknown because it was promised to him and his heirs? Or, if he hadn’t had faith that God would do as he said and provide an heir to he and a barren wife?

Where would Joshua have been if he didn’t trust that God would destroy the walls of Jericho just because he showed faith in walking around the city 7 days in a row? Or when he had the courage to tell the sun to stand still while the battle was being won for the Lord?

These stories show us faith beyond measure…faith that moves mountains and destroys kingdoms of this world…faith in a God who can…and God who still does…and a God who always will provide for His people…

So, where is your faith today?



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