Sports fans take pride in their teams, so much so that they adapt a certain lingo when talking about their favorite team.  It even gets to the point where they speak of the team in first person terms, saying, “We need this guy” or “We need to go in this direction”.

The same should apply to our Christian walk…where is our team pride when it comes to the cause of Christ?

The best example I can think of to show this team pride is the shirts and chants that teams use for fans to show their feeling of belonging and ownership.  The Marshall Thundering Herd uses this chant to show their unity, gathering prior to a contest, and chanting, “We are Marshall!”  The fans chant prior to a Notre Dame Football game, “We are N.D!”  The Avery Vikings have gotten into the act with their Viking Nation shirts that boldly proclaim on the back, “We are Avery!”

We were founded as a Christian nation…a nation that uses mottos like, “United We Stand”, “In God We Trust”, and “God Bless America.”  But are we united? Do we trust in God?  Do we really expect to be blessed when we have forgotten the reason we are able to celebrate the freedoms we have?

We are not united as a nation…we haven’t been in years.  The closest we’ve come as a nation to being unified over the past 10 years was in the days and weeks following the attacks on 9/11.  We were at the end of our ropes, we had no where else to turn…but we let things get back to normal.  We are divided between political parties, to the point that we fight over simple issues that this nation used to be able to solve quietly.

We don’t stand behind our leadership the way we should, and we have been weakened in the eyes of the world because we look like a dysfunctional family that can’t agree on anything.  We have torn our country apart at the seams because of individual play in a team sport.

We don’t trust in God…we trust in money, we trust in ourselves, we try to do it all without God.  Psalm 118:8 says, “It is better to trust in The Lord, than to put your trust in man.” Words that could not be truer at a time like this, a time where many struggle to find the money to pay a bill, where many struggle to figure out where their next meal may come from.  We have to trust in God…if we want to be blessed by God.

If we want God to bless America, we have to get America back to where it was when our forefathers founded it.  If we want to be blessed, we have got to give back to him, and we have to play as a team…we have to be unified as one to accomplish what we set out to achieve as a country.

The same is true for the Church…instead of sitting back and talking bad about your church leadership…stand up for them and support them.  Instead of talking bad about your fellow church members…stand in the gap and offer support in their times of need.  Too many churches are falling to the wayside due to selfishness within the doors of the church. We have to get on the same team…we have to unify as the body of Christ.

We are all on the same team…its high time we showed the world we have a little team pride…apply the motto, “We are Christians!”


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