Go Home and Tell Others

With a number of churches celebrating their Homecoming during August and September it got me thinking about the story of the demon possessed man in Mark 5.  This “Mad Man” was living in a cave and had been shunned by the community.  He was completely overcome by demonic possession, and when Jesus finds him he asks for a name.  The response the man gives is, “We are Legion, for we are many.”

This man is overcome by a number of demons that have ruined his life…they have caused him to have to go into hiding in the caves, and Jesus steps in. Jesus delivers the man from this possession, freeing him from the bondage he was facing, and opening him up to a new world of opportunities.  We then see the man begging Jesus for the opportunity to go with Him and stay by His side, but Jesus refuses and tells the man, “Go HOME, to your own people and tell them what the Lord has done for you and how He had mercy upon you. (Mk. 5:19)”

That got me realizing that we all have a deliverance story.  A story of what we came from, but no one story is greater than another.  We have all faced demons in our lives, and many times we have failed to even realize that we have been delivered.  Other times, we hear stories of how God has delivered others, we listen to their testimony, and we find ourselves wishing we had a “good” testimony…but I want to tell you today…you have a great testimony.

We get wrapped up in thinking that we have to have a story like this possessed man from the caves, or maybe a Damascus Road encounter like Paul, or even a story like Peter walking on the water for our testimony to be what we would consider worth telling.  I want to encourage everyone today to stop comparing your story to someone you know and simply start owning the story that is yours.  We have all been delivered from a life of sin, and no matter what we came from our story is worth telling based on the words of Jesus in Mark 5.

Jesus tells this man to go to his home and to bear witness to his family and friends of the great things that God has done for him and how God has shown him mercy.  We can all do that! We can all go home and tell of the great things that God has done for us…we can all tell our deliverance story, and it doesn’t have to be a New York Times bestseller for us to have a story that can effectively lead someone to Christ…it simply has to tell of the mercy and saving power of what Christ has done and how you’ve been delivered from your past; a story that tells of how you’ve been freed from your demons.

Today, stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and own who you are…own your story and your salvation…own that you have been delivered from sin and destruction and how you now have life in Christ.  Trust me, you have a great story to tell…so go home, and start telling it! Offer someone else the same grace that was offered to you by letting them know what you came from…but most importantly, where you’re going because you were delivered.


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