With the Fourth of July just past us I wanted to think about one of the greatest “fire”works shows the world has ever seen.  The story takes place in Daniel 3 where we see three young men who would stand firm on their faith and in it all would prove the power of God to a Nation who did not believe.

I think we can all take lessons from this story in our life, and that we can prove the Power of God to a Nation in which we live; a Nation that seems to have lost sight of God.

In Daniel 3 we see the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they desired to continue serving God and not bowing down to an idol, despite the pressure around them.  A lesson we can all use today in our own lives.  Today, in many ways we are being asked to bow down to idols and to deny what we know to be truth.  The scripture can tell us what we need to stand for, but we too often let society dictate what we actually say; too often we tend to sit back and be quiet when we need to be vocal as these three Hebrew men were.

These men knew the consequences, but yet they continued to stand rather than bow down to an idol.  Are we willing to do that in our own lives today?

The second lesson that I think we can take from this story is what happened to these three men when they did take a stand.  They knew what would happen, they were told that they would be thrown into the Fiery Furnace if they refused to bow down, yet they remained on their feet because they knew that showing approval to the idol was denying God.  And, as they were warned, they were thrown into the fire to face their death.  The story tells us that the furnace was turned up seven times hotter than normal, so hot in fact, that men who were throwing them in were killed because of the heat.

Here is where our second lesson is shown.  When the men were put in the fire, they were walking around, dancing, and praising God.  When those on the outside began to look, they saw a fourth man walking in the fire with them.  Not only was the fire not burning up these men, but now, as Daniel 3:25 puts it, “the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods.”

As we see here that when these men faced the fire, God was in their midst, and wants to do the same for us today!  God wants to guide us through our fires, but we have to stay strong when we face those who will try and get us to waiver on our stance.  We must continue to stand firm on the things we know and continue to stand when we know the outcome may not be favorable for us at that moment, but knowing that the outcome will be even better when the fire comes.

We must know that no matter what consequences we will face, when we face them we will not be alone because God will be there with us.

Take the time to read and pray over Daniel 3 today and allow the “Fire”works to happen in your life today.  Remember that God is with you no matter what you face today, and it is through the fire that the world will see God at work in your life.


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