Here I sit…Ten years later……reflecting on the life and example that my mom lived out daily.

Do I know she’s in heaven?  You bet I do.

Why?  Because she was an example of what it means to be a faithful servant of God, no matter what the circumstance she was facing.

Life over the last three plus years hasn’t been the easiest…and I don’t expect things to get easier as the time goes by.  They say, “time heals all wounds,” but I’m not so sure that whoever said that had dealt with the loss of a parent.  It’s a hard thing to go through, and it is something that I would never wish upon anyone — especially when they’re so young; I mean, mom was only 55 years old.

That being said, I want to reflect on a few things that I have learned over the past three years about my mother’s impact on my life:

1) What it means to be a faithful servant of God.
My mom taught me a lot of things throughout my life.  She taught me how to open doors for women – she always waited for me to open the door for her – did it bother me? a little; am I a better person? yes, because in that small lesson she taught me, she showed me the love that Jesus had for each one of us…by opening the door of heaven so that we could enter in.
She showed me how to serve a living God.  Dad is a minister, and I’ve learned alot from him…many who know me would tell you that I’m alot like him.  That being said…I’m alot like her too!  She showed me how to serve in a way that was all out…100%…no-holds-barred for my Savior.  She studied the scripture constantly; always seeking to apply anything she’d learned to her life, so that anyone who met her would see that He was first in her life.

2) The meaning of the word Unconditional.
She taught me how to love unconditionally; she showed love to many, no matter what they had done to her.  The best example of this is when I came home with my first tattoo…she didn’t like it, she made that known (you see, mom wasn’t shy about telling you how she felt)..I walked into her room and showed her – she cried (making me feel about as small as Lincoln on the penny – and by that I mean the little Lincoln that is on the back of the penny seated in the Lincoln Memorial); but she loved me anyway…even though at that moment she didn’t really like me.
I imagine that love is alot like the love that God showed each one of us that day on Calvary…when He sent his ONLY SON to die on our tree…in our place…for OUR sins…and not just one or two sins, no EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!  Mom had that kind of love for anyone she ever came across…she loved unconditionally.

3) The necessity of following Christ.
Mom taught me how to apply the teachings of Christ to my life…she knew the meaning of Mark 8:34b-35, “if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s sake will save it.”  She understood what taking up your cross daily meant.  She understood what losing your life for the sake of Christ meant.  She understood that denying herself would glorify Christ…and that was her goal.  Mom wasn’t about the lime-light, she didn’t seek the attention…no…mom would much rather sit in a room, away from everything, and keep herself out of the spotlight…just so that the name of Jesus would be visible and glorified…Mom got it!

4) Perseverance.
Mom was a fighter…she didn’t want the end to come…and I fully believe it wasn’t because she wasn’t ready to go…it was because she didn’t want to leave her family.  It goes back to the unconditional love…she was willing to live, so that she could be here to take care of her family.  She also knew the reward that was waiting on the other side…and when all was said and done…she chose to spend the rest of her days with the Maker Himself.  I’m sure they have a lot to talk about…my mother was a homemaker…that’s what she did for a living…she probably wanted to get there to talk to the greatest Homemaker of all…you know, catch up on all she might have missed (which I’m certain wasn’t much, she was a perfectionist).


5) Who Christ is.
Plain and simple…the greatest lesson my mother ever taught me…who Jesus Christ is.  Not was, but IS!  My mom’s greatest lesson to me in life was that we serve a RISEN, LIVING SAVIOR!  So many other religions of the world serve a ‘savior’ figure, but they also have a grave to visit, because their ‘savior’ couldn’t defeat the bondage of death.  Mom knew that Jesus raised from the dead…that the grave had no bearing on Him, and death could not defeat Him.  Mom taught me the meaning of Christ’s resurrection…that he defeated the bonds of sin and death, allowing each one of His beloved children the opportunity to share in the eternal glory which is reserved for all who daily carry their cross and follow Christ.

Mom showed me that God is real…He is here…He was there…and He’ll be there in the end.  The greatest lesson that I ever learned from my mom is this…Words don’t tell a person’s story – a person is not defined by the words that he/she says…no, my mother showed me that the life of a faithful servant speaks for itself.  She didn’t have to preach the gospel to me…that is because she lived it…100%, all out commitment to the Savior of the world!

Thanks Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!  I know you’re looking down on me, and I hope that my life speaks volumes for the example you set…I hope I make you proud, but most of all (I know you’d want it this way) I hope that my life is a reflection of the King of Glory Himself…

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” — Mark 8:36

5 responses to “Mom

  1. Phillip, this is a beautiful tribute to your Mom on Mother’s Day!
    She will never be gone as long as you live out these examples she set for you! God Bless you ! Love, Diann

  2. Phillip,

    Your mom was a great friend and I miss her. She would be SO proud of you. This is a beautiful tribute to her.

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