Clearing a Path

I have been thinking a lot about something….and I finally decided that I would share it here with everyone. I’ve thought about it since the winter storm a few weeks ago and then realized that it happens in many aspects of life…it is clearing a path.

I began thinking about it while watching the DOT workers scraping the roads, continued thinking about it while shoveling snow and clearing walking paths, and it quickly became something that I was thinking about while watching football with the front line blocking for a running back…and as I began to think about this idea of clearing a way for others, I realized that it happens every day in our lives.

Think about your parents, think about those folks that we study in school, think about really anyone who has come before…in my case, I sit where I am today because of the prayers and work that was put in by my dad at WECR. Dad prayed over the station, he worked tirelessly many times to help transition the station into a ministry minded, Gospel station, and now I am continuing that because he cleared the way for it to continue.

Jesus did this for each of us by going to the cross…for our sins!!

God created us, we messed up…we began to put things on our path between us and God…we began to slowly walk away from God, and along the way we started laying things down behind us as we moved “forward” toward our “gods”. Gods of this world, gods that look like money, fame, fortune…relationships…cars…phones…sports teams…and the list could go on and on!

We don’t realize these things are in the way until we turn to look for God and we have trouble seeing Him because of all the “stuff” we have placed in the way, but that is what is so beautiful about what Jesus did…He came, and as he walked that hill to Calvary he cleared a path for us to come to God. Jesus got our stuff out of our way so that we could come to God ourselves!

Today, maybe it is time to begin working your way back toward the One who gave you life. Today, just maybe it is time for you to help Jesus move the heavy stuff in your life as you lay it to the side so that you can clearly walk the path to God. Don’t let your clutter keep you from experiencing God, clear the path…because, the path you clear might just be a path that will lead someone else to the Father.


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