Strength from Within

I am often looking around for examples to use during sermons, devotions, or even in an article, and I came across a story about a college professor and a glass beaker. You know the ones that I am talking about – remember science class, that beaker that had an opening of about an inch that then opened up to about 7-inches at the bottom and would hold about a quart of liquid.

The professor wanted to show the class how strong a beaker is and used it to drive a nail into a piece of wood, showing that the glass was so well tempered that it would not break. He then took a steel ball-bearing and dropped in into the beaker through the opening. When the ball struck the bottom of the beaker it shattered, breaking it from within.

Now what could this possibly have to do with what I am trying to say? Let me tell you, I’ve seen this in action as a coach, I have seen it in families, and I’ve seen it in churches…the real danger in each of these is what is happening on the inside….not the exterior forces being applied, but yet the battles that happen within.

Athletic teams are successful and can battle anything as long as they are well tempered and battle tough, but one small problem from the inside and things can fall apart quickly. A family can last through just about anything the world can throw at them, but if a member of a family decides that they have problems with the others, walks away, starts to talk, it can fall apart quickly.

Churches are the same way, all of the outside forces that can come against a church have nothing to stand on when it comes to the power of God’s people standing tall. This is why I think we have seen the church become infiltrated with those who are not looking to be a part of that family, but rather have begun to destroy it from the inside out. Church, we can not waver on what the scripture says, but we have to stand strong on the Word of God and allow it to change us from the inside out.

When we allow God to take control in such a way, he will temper us both inside and out, so that we can face the trials that come. It is the only way to ensure that our strength is more than just exterior strength. Let God strengthen you today! Do not allow something to get inside and destroy from the inside out. Take it with you into every relationship that you have in your life, whether family, friendships, teams, or even church, do not let the enemy destroy it from the inside out.


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