“First This: God created the Heavens and Earth…”

–Genesis 1:1 (the Msg)

That was the first day of this world…creation: God style. One week is all it took for everything that we see around us to take form, gain substance, and come into life as we know it. Seven days is all it took for the God of the universe to create what we now know as Earth.

Not only did He create it…we’re told that He saw that it was good. Everything was perfect, life was good, no worries: to quote the Lion King, “Hakuna Matata.” And then, we got in the way.

One tree is all that we were commanded to let be: we ate.

I would venture to say that of all the trees in the Garden of Eden that tree may have had the sweetest tasting fruit. It was probably a fruit that sparked Adam and Eve to question at first, “This is amazing, why would God tell us to leave this tree alone?” But the same tree that probably had the greatest tasting fruit in the garden quickly showed us why God commanded us to not eat: the Aftertaste.

The aftertaste from that tree was bitter and 6000+ years later still leaves us with an unwelcome taste in our mouths.The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was intended to be left alone, but we couldn’t resist…and now we are left still trying to pick up the pieces of the fall.

We were created as children, and like children we stumble, and we need guidance.When God created Adam and Eve…they had the mind of a child.The untainted mind of a child that was not clouded by sin and corruption, but the serpent would prove was still persuadable.

But we should not be discouraged, because it is this childlike mentality that we have been created with that keeps us where we need to be. The way for us to overcome this fall is to strive to keep the mind of a child, to strive to be more childlike when it comes to our Christian life…because as children we aren’t afraid of anything…until we are persuaded to be.

This year, start new! Don’t allow your past to dictate your future…Let God guide your steps.  It is a new year; you have a blank slate…just like the mind of a child.  Don’t be afraid to believe in the impossible…because lets face it, the impossible is something we came up with because of fear.


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