Letting Go…

One of the hardest things that we as Christians have is letting go of the past to grasp the blessing of the present and future.  Many people struggle with releasing the past because of the comfort level that is associated with it.

The difficulty that we have with this is a much broader spectrum than just holding tight to certain relationships and habits.  It is a deep desire to hold tight to whatever makes us feel secure.  I’m not saying that walking with Christ isn’t comfortable, in fact, there is more comfort there than anywhere else in life.  What I am saying is that until we are able to fully release what holds us back, we will never be able to realize the full comfort that God can give.

I have mentioned before the plans that God has and shares with us.  I have mentioned what kind of faith it takes to move mountains, make the sun stand still in the sky, and walk on water.  This is the same faith that we must grasp hold of when moving forward in Christ.

Too many times we, as Humans, become comfortable in our lives; be it in relationships, career tracks, living situations, etc.  We too often turn down the calling that God may have on our lives because stepping out on faith may put us in an uncomfortable situation at times.  Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of things you do not see.”  Our hopes are always for a brighter future and pursuit of God’s plans, but the second part of this verse may be one of the toughest concepts to grasp in the Christian walk.

Our hopes can only get us so far, we must take hold of the things that we do not see.  For us to do that we must let go of what is normal, what is comfortable, what is routine at times; and embrace with faith the things we may not see.  We have to allow God to work, with full faith that He is in control, and that even though we do not necessarily see him, we will see the results.

To fully grab hold of the blessings that God is ready and willing to bestow, we must let go of anything that can keep us from getting a full grip on those blessings.  God wants to give us anything we want in accordance with His will, but it is our job now to embrace that and move forward.

Take a look at your life today.  Are you holding fast to something that may be temporary?  Are you searching to find answers in the world when God is waiting to provide blessings?  What is holding you back today from being what you are called to be as a child of God?

Let go…


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