Open Hands

What are we supposed to do when we feel that our blessings are being missed?  This is something that I talked about before when discussing being flexible and I want to continue speaking about it, but explore how we can grab hold of the blessings that are meant for us.

Too many times we get wrapped up in the world around us to see some of the blessings.  And all too often, our hands are already full when we find them.  What I am saying is that we need to let go many times to be able to grasp what is coming our way.

Try this with me…pick up your cell phone, your check book, your television remote, your car keys, and anything else that you may have around you that makes up your daily life.  Hold all of these things in your hands and now try and pick up your Bible.  You can’t do it, because your hands are so full the Bible (or in many cases, your blessings) are unattainable because there is not any room for God in your life.

We make ourselves too busy, we fill our heart and minds with the things that we think will fulfill us, and we miss what God is trying to tell us.  We are too wrapped up in the world to know what is truly waiting right there for us to take hold of and what we should be holding tight to.

We have to come before God with open hands to be able to take possession of His blessings and promises.

Look at your life; are there things you can drop to help you balance everything out?  Are there things that are taking the place of God’s blessings for your life?  What can you do about it?  How can you let go of the things that are holding you back?

I would encourage you to bury everything in prayer.  Start with a daily conversation with the Creator of life.  Secondly, set aside the time to read the scripture and let yourself hear the answers that God is trying to share with you.  We have to balance our prayer and study to fully take hold of the blessings that are there for us.

Don’t let another day go by without taking the time to thank the one who gave it to you!  Talk to God, take the time to thank Him for your blessings, and take the time to search for His answers for the problems in your life.  The Bible is our Owner’s Manual…another way to look at it is as an acronym – B.I.B.L.E. – Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth.  Read the manual and enjoy life the way that God intended – With Him!


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