Welcome to the Show

The beauty of life is that we all are part of a story; a story that is being written by God and we play the lead.  We are all playing a part, seeking to show the world our story, by showing the world His story.

God has given each of us a place…He has shown each of us a path to travel, and it is now up to us to take the right road.  We, as Christians, have seen what is right, and we know that God has a plan to prosper us; it is now the time where we are to step up and step out on faith.

We don’t always know exactly what God is doing, but as Christians we can rest assured that His plan will always be greater than ours…and his plan will always be better for us than our own.  Here is where life can take an interesting turn.

When we realize that we are part of the show that God is producing, we stop seeking our own gratification.  We start to put others in front of ourselves, we start to want to see the kingdom grow through the actions we take, and we start to seek the kingdom of God over everything else in our lives.  In other words, we accept that God is in control, and we automatically start letting him control the outcomes in our lives.

In our personal lives, we may be surprised by what takes place when we fully surrender to God and allow Him full control over everything (including the small things).  Something happens when we fully surrender, because we start to care about things other than our own priorities.  We start to change our way of thinking, our way of acting, and essentially start to make sure that everyone around us is taken care of.

Start today reminding yourself of what God is doing in your life and what he can do put you in the places where He can be most effective.  Take a moment to ask God to guide your path today…let Him write the story and you will be amazed at where He will take you!


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