Overcoming the Darkness


…a word that brings thoughts of despair, thoughts of being alone or even abandoned.It’s amazing how one word can bring about so much thought.Darkness has become associated with loneliness, and in the Christian’s life, most often associated with feeling distant from God.

That being said…we can do something about it. As Christians our lives are about falling in love with the God who first loved us.

When we feel distant, sometimes the ‘miles’ can overcome us and cause us to feel even farther away then we already do, but we don’t have to feel that way. Remember the story of Paul? or should I say Saul? A Pharisee, a man who held the coats of those who stoned Stephen, was one of the biggest enemies to the Cross. A man who was on his way down the road to Damascus with one motive in mind: find and arrest the Disciples. He had obtained the warrants, knew his goal…and was out to succeed.

Saul was a man who lived and thrived in the darkness.He was a man who knew nothing of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, that is, until he saw The Light.

Overcoming the darkness happens on our ‘road to Damascus’ when we start to focus on things above. We can overcome by being blinded by the light, the light of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to the world to save it, not condemn it (John 3:16-17). Jesus was ‘the light’ that blinded Saul on his journey; and Jesus was eventually ‘the light’ that Paul used to see himself through the remaining days of his life.

In our lives, are we looking to, and using the light to guide us? Or are we trying to shade our eyes, and block out the light because of the things that it reveals in us?

Jesus may not blind us literally as he did Saul, but He may blindside us with the things that come our way in life. I’m not saying that He will give us a trial that we can’t overcome, but He might just give us something that is just big enough for us to have to trust in Him and His grace to survive.


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