Standing Up!

There are a few things that I have been thinking about with all the changes that have been going on here in the area.  It has been an eye opener for many, but the big question that looms … why are Christians not standing up?

Many have been complaining about the changes that are taking place, but why will they not take a public stand?  The problem that faces the church today are people who want change in the church and area, but are unwilling to stand up for their morals and beliefs.  It is a travesty the way that people will fuss behind closed doors, bicker and argue with each other over what is right and what is moral, but when it comes to standing up and speaking out for the Lord; they back down, get quiet and keep their feelings put away.


There is a fear that standing up will create hardships, but think about this…had Jesus not taken a stand at the Temple by turning over the tables, who knows what would have happened that day.  We have to turn over the tables if we want to get things done!  There are a number of folks who would rather sit back and talk about what needs to be done, but not take the steps to do it.  We, as a family of Christians, have to step up and speak out against the things that are affecting the youth and family life where we live.

Am I speaking about anything specifically?  Not really, only that we know what is morally right in the eyes of the Lord.  Anyone who calls themselves a Christian knows what is right and wrong scripturally speaking; we cannot sit back any longer and allow the devil to take a foothold.  So I’m asking each one of you who cares about keeping our religious freedoms to stand up and do the same…Stop talking about what needs to be done in the comforts of your church or home…stand up and speak out against the issues that are turning the hearts and minds of many vulnerable young people.

The name Christian means that we are Christ-like…but are we? Or are we just throwing the name around to sound better to those around us?

I encourage each one of you to strongly consider your actions…strongly consider your background…remember your chains.  I ask that we would all unify for the same cause…the Cause of Christ!  If you feel an issue needs to be addressed, don’t just talk about it, address it…pray about it…allow God to work through you!

God can change the world, but he can’t do it without help…not because he isn’t capable, but because He gave us free will; freedom to choose….freedom to speak out…freedom to be His Children in a broken and fallen world.

Christ turned the temple upside down for the sake of His Father’s name…are we willing to turn the world upside down for the sake of Christ?


One response to “Standing Up!

  1. AWESOME BROTHER! I love your thoughts here, thanks for that reminder. I pray for you regularly friend, let me know if you need anything. I love you bro!


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