“Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” – Proverbs 2:11 (NIV)

The best example I can think of for discretion would be movies; thinking about how “Viewer Discretion is advised”.

Movie companies use this line to get themselves out of a lot of hot water by mentioning who they think should be watching.  Also, another example is when a TV show advises it’s viewers to watch at their own discretion.

In other words, use your judgment to decide whether or not this is appropriate for you.  You make the choice and see how it may impact you…you weigh to options and use your discretion.

When this is applied to the Christian life, we see what Solomon was saying in Proverbs.  You will protect yourself if you use discretion, you will keep your feelings in check if you weigh the options and decide the best possible outcome for you in what you’re facing.

He then takes it a step further, stating that understanding will guard you.  Not only does making the right decision protect you, but knowing why you’re making the decision guards you.  Knowing why you would decide not to partake in something because of the understanding that you could be hurt in some way can play a part in your discretion.

As Christians we must always be aware of the things around us, we must always be ready to decide what the proper path to follow is.

I would encourage everyone who reads this to do this:

1) Memorize this verse – Proverbs 2:11…and apply it to your life in all your decisions.

2) Post the verse in random places that will help you keep your eye on the true prize that awaits those who are fully committed to Christ and His purpose.

3) ALWAYS use discretion.

You may not know what is right, you may be confused in some situations, but my encouragement to you is that you would stay focused, stay determined and seek to know what would help you in your life.  The scripture guides us and understanding the scripture will lead to us guarding our hearts and our minds and gaining the knowledge that will lead to the discretion we must take in our lives.

Use your training that I talked about last week, and train yourself and those around you up in the art of discretion.  It may be as simple as choosing to walk away from a certain conversation, choosing not to wear something that could be considered too revealing…it could even be choosing to confront a loved one about something that you have noticed is hampering their walk…or maybe just leaving an issue alone and knowing that God knows best.

Use Discretion in the decisions you make…protect yourself!


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