One word that has entered my mind over and over for the past few weeks when thinking about the Christian walk is ‘reckless.’

Why?  I am not really sure, but what I do know is that I have always heard that we should live our lives with reckless abandon…putting aside anything that could hinder us from being who we should be in Christ.

This is something that has been shifted even more-so to the front of my mind with the summer months here.  The thing that our Christian walk reminds me of most is Elk River Falls; and how a number of people each summer head down to swim and many find their courage and take the leap from the top.

What it takes to take this type of leap is courage…courage to approach and eventually bound from the edge as you plunge toward the water below.  There is a moment where you are scared…a moment where you question what you’re doing…a moment that if improperly placed can mean devastation.  That moment comes just before you leave to just after you leave your feet…the difference can be life threatening however.

The questioning will come, the bigger question though is, are you 100 percent committed?  Are you in this for the duration, or are you doing it because everyone else is?

You had better be 110% percent in it if you are taking a leap from the top of Elk River Falls…and if you are taking a leap of faith within your Christian walk as well.  The lack of total commitment can be the difference in how you come out on the other side.

If you are not committed before jumping from the falls, you will find that once you’ve left your feet you didn’t jump far enough, but you are too far to turn back…the same is true for someone who is not totally committed to the Christian faith.

You can run to the edge, start to leap, but are you 100 % committed?  You must go into each day with Reckless Abandon as a Christian…with hopes of making a difference in the world; but mostly to effectively exemplify the life that Christ lived, you must live life without worry of the enemy.

Being a Christian requires you to go all out, just as Christ did.  He NEVER shortchanged his effort; Christ always gave His all…best exemplified by a death that none of us could have experienced.  For Christ to die on the cross for our sins took 110 % commitment to the call that was on His life from His Father in heaven…had Jesus not taken that step, or leap, we would not have the promise we have in Him today.

Today…you must make the choice…are you ready to be reckless for Christ?  Are you willing to leap from the edge…and know that you will have support?  Are you willing to go all-out for the call that is on your life?


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