Diamonds in the Rough

A diamond is the hardest known natural material in the world and is formed over a period of years when the right conditions are met. The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unbreakable. Diamonds are formed under great pressure and extreme heat and out of unlikely material when looked at on the surface.

Many diamond bearing rocks come to the earth’s surface from volcanic eruptions and the stones that contain a diamond are often black and not as attractive as what is known as one of the most beautiful and precious stones you can find.

Thinking about this got me thinking about our Christian walk and the type of things we face in this life. Many of us find ourselves feeling as if we aren’t as good as others because we don’t have the financial standing or possibly the outer appearance that many seem to have. I would remind you that the diamond is not the prettiest when it is still encased in the stone from which it comes.

A diamond is formed under extreme pressure and in high temperature situations. The same can be said of us with many trials that we go through in our lives. Jesus reminds us that we will face trials in this life in John 16:33 when He says, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 ESV).

He tells us there will be pressure and that the heat will be turned on for us in this life, but it is in those times we can realize that God is working in us to create something beautiful that will be treasured. Jesus is a master jeweler in this knowing where to cut the stone to perfect His work in us.

The pressure of this life works to form us into a diamond in the rough, and when the Savior is at work in us to shape us and cut away the outer shell we find that we have a beautiful heart that is free from impurities and can withstand anything the world throws at us. We are formed clean and clear, able to shine the light of God and reflect it beautifully for others to see our shine and sparkle.

Today, look at your life and let the Lord work in you because he can help form us into something that can withstand the pressures of the world. With Christ, we can be “unbreakable” just like a diamond.