Consuming Fire

In Hebrews 12:29 we see that scripture tells us that “God is a consuming fire.” What does that mean for us today? I think that by diving into this, we find that the answer can almost be two-fold for us today.

First, we see that this statement comes from Deuteronomy 4:24, with the writer of Hebrews reiterating the point to those who would hear this letter to the Hebrews. We see that God is a God of strict justice, even saying that God’s Kingdom cannot be moved and will never be overthrown.

In Hebrews 12:18-29 we see that only the Grace of God can give us the ability to worship properly, in reverence and fear of the God who created us.  We must serve in His grace to fully embrace what God has for us in His kingdom that is to come.  How do we do this? We must live as if His Kingdom is here!

In times such as these, we must stay firm on the foundations of Christ in our lives.  We must realize that the only unshakable foundation we can have is through the grace that was offered us on the cross of Christ.  Here is where things tend to get a little more difficult for us, because many times we can talk the talk, but we get wrapped up in thinking that we can somehow earn the gift of grace by things that we do…which is not the case at all.  If we want to find grace, all we have to do is receive grace…it has already been given, it has already been poured out in the blood of Christ.

God is a consuming fire in how he will deal with those who have turned their backs on the kingdom, just as a wildfire burns away all in its path, God will burn away those who are not firmly founded in Him, leaving those who remain to receive all that He has planned.  The writer of Hebrews talks of a time when God will not only shake the earth, but will also shake heaven to restore only that which remains in Him.

The second way we see this consuming fire is in the fire of the Holy Spirit as it is poured out in our lives for us to carry the message to the ends of the earth. We are consumed by a Holy fire that will temper us and give us what we need to succeed.  It will consume us completely if we allow it, aiding us daily in sharing the Gospel of Christ, in word or deed.  It flows through us and begins to consume others in a way that will further the kingdom and help to build the foundation that I mentioned earlier.

Today, allow God’s grace to wash over you…allow His Spirit to consume you…allow His kingdom to be built through you that others can see Him in the way you carry out your life.  Do not turn away in a time where God is shaking the Heavens and the Earth as He seeks to build a kingdom that is unshakable and unmovable.


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