Whatever DefinitionI’ve been thinking a lot about the one word phrase that the youth of today throw around in many situations.  That phrase? “Whatever!”

Whatever is a slang term that is used in many different aspects to express feelings; the world is typically used as the shortened version of “whatever you say”.  Society has embraced this word as part of everyday speech.  Look at the definition:

Whatever –


  1. Everything or anything that: Do whatever you please.
  2. What amount that; the whole of what: Whatever is left over is yours.
  3. No matter what: Whatever happens, we’ll meet here tonight.
  4. Which thing or things; what: Whatever does he mean?
  5. Informal What remains and need not be mentioned; what have you: Please bring something to the party-pretzels, crackers, whatever.


  1. Of any number or kind; any: Whatever requests you make will be granted.
  2. All of; the whole of: She applied whatever strength she had left to the task.
  3. Of any kind at all: No campers whatever may use the lake before noon.


Informal – Used to indicate indifference to or scorn for something, such as a remark or suggestion: We’re having pizza tonight.-Whatever. I don’t care.

The biggest use today would have to be the last part of the definition where we see ‘whatever’ is used in an informal situation to express dislike or disdain for something that was said.  Here is where the word becomes important to us as Christians – we can use it in one of two ways when it comes to our life in Christ.

1 – We can say whatever to the promises that we have been given through the scripture.  We can act as if the promises and the facts that are presented in the scripture don’t mean anything to us and simply say, “Whatever! I don’t care; there’s no way any of this can be true.  Sure, God has a plan – Whatever!”

That kind of reaction is one that comes from the friendship with the world that many of us find ourselves in daily.  I’m not saying that we give up on what God has for us in every situation, but there are times where we seem to find ourselves feeling that it’s much easier to just dismiss God in certain situations because it helps us to sleep at night.  We feel as if we have a relationship with the Lord, but we don’t want all the fringe-work that goes with being one of His children.

By this, what I mean is that we simply want our lives to work the way we feel that they should.  We seek for our own pleasures and at times forget the one reason that we even breathe in the first place…God gave us life!  God’s plans are always bigger and better than anything we could ever imagine…is that why it’s so hard to trust Him?  Because our plans are within our grasp?  Our plans are plans that we know we can accomplish?  Because our faith is small?  This brings us to Number 2.

2 – We can react similarly to a Steven Curtis Chapman song from 1999, a song entitled ‘Whatever’.  In that song Chapman uses the play on words that we as Christians need to see ourselves using on a daily basis…it’s the same word…but means we’re reacting in a totally different way.  Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

“Whatever, whatever You say

Whatever, I will obey

Whatever, Lord, have Your way

‘Cause You are my God, whatever”

This reaction is not an I don’t care voice of disapproval…This reaction is a resounding, “YES!” to the question the Lord is asking you.  The question being asked of you is simply this, “Are you ready, able, and willing to give your life to Me? Are you willing to tell others of My love for them?  Are you able to step up and speak out on My behalf?”  Well, are you?

So now I guess the question is – What is your answer?  The Lord is speaking to you…asking you to help him win a world of lost souls….what do you say?  Are you saying, “whatever, I don’t care, I’m worried about me…let them worry about them!”?  or, Are you answering with the statement, “whatever You need!  I’m here Lord, have your way with me.”

Today is the day you make the decision – WHATEVER decision that may be.


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