Final Words

Dali-840x350As we near Easter, I have been thinking a lot about the final words of Christ when He was on the cross. There are seven statements that Christ made during those final hours that we as Christians can take to heart and there are many things we can see through the words of Christ.

The first of the seven statements that Jesus makes is, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This statement is one that shows that Jesus came to save, even those that were responsible for his death. This statement reaches farther than the crowd of people who in a matter of days went from praising Christ to choosing sin over him and sending him to the cross. But this forgiveness that we see gives us the power to transform our lives.

With Jesus’ second statement we see that his willingness to go to the cross is not only to forgive us, but also because he is working on our behalf. His second message to us comes in his words to the thief who asked to be remembered and Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” This is a promise that we will be remembered if we approach with a pure heart.

Christ’s third statement shows us his desire to care for those he loves when he sees his mother and John, his disciple. He shows us the importance of our family relationships when he tells them, ” Behold your son…behold your mother.” How important is your family in your life today?

In the fourth message we get from the cross, we see the anguish that Christ suffered when he felt as many of us do at times in our lives. We feel abandoned, alone, and find ourselves searching for answers. We also see the importance of scripture to our lives through Christ’s words in that he quoted scripture to show others who he is from the cross…”My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” These words from Psalm 22 show us who Christ is because of the correlation to a prophecy from the words of David.

The fifth statement that Jesus makes ties in with the prophecy of Psalm 22, when Jesus says, “I thirst.” With this statement he is fulfilling the promises of scripture, but also to show us our need for spiritual thirst for the scripture in our lives.

The sixth statement goes hand in hand with the seventh, but stands alone for us in that it is a statement that tells us that our sin has been washed away. Jesus makes his sixth statement to announce the end of the plan that was set in motion from the beginning of time. His sixth statement, “It is finished,” is a message of hope for us, seeing that Jesus has taken our sin on himself and has given us a new life with him.

The final statement that Jesus makes is one that we all should make in our lives. A statement that, if applied daily, can bring us to a joyful life that was intended for us. Tis final statement from the cross, “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” Jesus understood where he came from, and we can do the same.

These seven statements can take us through the salvation story daily, and if we commit ourselves daily to God’s will, we will find happiness and love that we never imagined possible. Let God handle your day, commit every moment to him and trust him today.


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