One of the central things that we must understand in the Christian walk is the concept of forgiveness.  Not only from the perspective that we are forgiven, but how we can forgive others.

The issue that we face is that when it comes to our own forgiveness we tend to forget that we are completely forgiven by the blood of Christ and the sacrifice that he made for us.  The biggest issue that many have today is that they tend to follow the mindset that “God can’t forgive” them.  The real issue that I have seen in my time in ministry is that this is more of a case of them being unable to forgive themselves for the past they have.

Today we have to realize that for us to receive the blessings of God’s forgiveness in our lives, we must be willing to forgive ourselves and let go of the things that are holding us back.

The other concept of forgiveness is that we tend to get caught up in holding grudges and refusing to let go of things that are causing division in our personal relationships.  The issue with this is that it carries over into our churches and in many cases causes a split within a congregation as the two sides lobby for support among the members.

Neither of these will help us as we begin to move forward, we must exercise forgiveness in our lives for God’s will and blessing to work in us.

God has already forgiven each of us for the things we have done and the things we will do.  This doesn’t mean for us to go on sinning because we have forgiveness, but means that any mistake we have made and will make is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. It also means that we must realize that true forgiveness from God starts when we are able to let go of things on our own and forgive ourselves.  We tend to hold on to those things because we know how we would react if those same things were done to us, but if we feel that way, then why do we do them?

I encourage you today, forgive yourself and let go of the things holding you back from receiving a blessing.  Also, offer the same forgiveness to others.  In being Christ to those around us we not only need to serve when we can, but we also need to offer forgiveness and let go of the things that keep us from growing in our relationships with him.

These grudges and ill-will issues that we hold to are cancers within a church and can cause so many problems that can rip the church apart at the seams.

Today, offer forgiveness; ask others to forgive you.  Today, take the time to strengthen the church, not cause the weakening of its foundations.  Allow God to be God today, and allow His forgiveness to work for us all and through us all today.


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