Stand for Christ

So here we are, 2014, and what do we have to show for it?

A fight for Gay Marriage, a young woman who is willing to take her own life (and being praised for it) so that she doesn’t have to suffer through an illness that others battle everyday, and a fight to keep our rights as Christians on a daily basis…

I’m not trying to cause a riot, nor am I saying we should physically fight and cause issues that are even more difficult to deal with…what I am saying is that we need to get back to God’s Word for our answers and not some text book or pamphlet that is obviously bias toward an issue.

That being said, here is where we stand…John 11:4 – Jesus said that an illness was not so death could take place, but so that God could be glorified. This to me means that we should not decided whether we should suffer, rather we should take each suffering as a joy and a tribute to the Savior who suffered for us, so we should give God the chance to be lifted up and glorified, not take our own life because the suffering may be too great. Let me remind you that our Savior suffered; He was beaten and bruised, flesh ripped from his body, nailed to a tree and raised up for all to see; bloody, almost unrecognizable, and suffering. Jesus suffered so that we would not have to deal with the death that was rightfully ours.

This suffering of Christ saved our life, and our life should be lived for Him. Embrace your sufferings; don’t seek the easy way out…

The other issue is not even about Gay Marriage to me, but rather about our voice as Christians in a Country that was FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN VALUES! Let me say that this is in no way an attack on anyone, but a call for prayer from the Church. When our country strays away from it’s foundation in order to please a few people, the majority becomes the minority. When a majority votes to make a decision about where they as a people stand, a small group deciding that the vote of the people is wrong and should be taken away to me is unconstitutional. Twenty years ago in our country this would not stand, but today it is praised and even rewarded.

No time before have we seen the need for revival and prayer as we do today in this country. Today I am asking each of you to pray that we will not sit silently by as Christ is torn from the foundation of our churches and communities. Take a stand and let your voice be heard – First by the Father in Heaven who GAVE US LIFE!!! And second, by those who are “making decisions based on their constituents’ beliefs”. Let them know that their district or community does not agree with their decision.

Today we must take a stand for Christ!


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