Lately the thought of responsibility has been on my mind, usually with the overwhelming urge to go up to some folks and exclaim, “You’re doing it wrong!” I keep thinking about history and how it has always seemed easier to divert the blame to others and keep focus off of the responsible party.

This is evident throughout our lives. Children like to place blame on other children, or in the best scenario, their siblings and sit back to watch as punishment takes place. Adults will even do this on a daily basis, just look at how many members of our Government tend to work. The easy thing to do is try and place the blame on others.

Political Groups have been founded on this principle taking issues that truly are no issue at all and placing blame on other groups to start public debate on what is right and wrong. I have come across story after story that depicts the tale of a convicted murderer who places the blame on the victim, or possibly even on his or her own parents, as to why a situation turned out like it did.

Many times we claim that it is instinctive to act in such a manner, but I want to show you in the book of Ezekiel that God will not stand for us placing the blame for our actions on someone else. If we look at Ezekiel 18 we see that God is telling the people that no longer will he allow men and women to blame their parents for how they turned out, nor will he let parents blame children. God states that, “The soul who sins shall die. (Ezekiel 18:4).

God tells us in this scripture that no one is held responsible for anyone else’s actions.   They are to accept responsibility for their own decisions that they make, and I feel that we need to apply this to our own lives today. We can’t place blame on others any more, today we need to accept that we are responsible for our own actions and we are the only one to blame when it goes wrong.   Stop allowing others to take the fall for something that you have done, claim responsibility today and come to terms with your need for redemption.

When we stand before God we will not be able to blame others, He will judge us based on what we ourselves have done, and it will be our actions alone that will be our downfall or victory. Please stop blaming others and just allow God to work, trusting Him and knowing that you alone will answer for what you alone have done.


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