In God We Still Trust

Today in America we are faced with many thoughts and choices that we have not fully prepared ourselves to think about. One of the biggest is deciding whether or not we still trust in God as we say we have.

We have political figures speaking out of both sides of their mouths on the issue, one minute stating that we are no longer a Christian nation, and the other, ending conversations and speeches with, “God bless America.” So my question today is which is it? Do we truly expect a God we say we no longer believe in to bless the people who do not trust or believe in him?

I think we, as Christians, need to take a stand and truly examine why this is taking place.   First, we all need to understand that we were created with this longing to be with and associate with our Creator.   We all have a desire to believe in a greater power because we all have a longing to be with God. We have a desire to feel whole, and that desire comes from an emptiness that we feel when we are apart from God. The problem today is that we have found anything and everything to take the place in hopes that we will find a sense of completion.

Today, we need to realize that money, sex, drugs, alcohol, possessions, or anything else we may try to put our trust in will not fill the hole that God is trying to fill in our lives.   We have to realize that for us to feel complete we must truly be trusting in God. We have to get back to where our life began, to the God who cared enough for us to do more than speak us into existence.

In looking at Creation, we see that God spoke everything into existence; but one creation He spent a little more time on. One creation God reached down and formed out of the dust and filled with His breath to give it life. That Creation was Man; God formed man, and continues to form man. So today, we must realize that we must continue to trust in God, because He still trusts in us.   God gave us life, God desired to be with us, and there is a desire within each of us to be with Him. Let Him fill that hole in your life today.

The Psalmist said in Psalm 139 that God knit him together in his mother’s womb, for he is fearfully and wonderfully made. Jeremiah states that we were known before the world knew us. God trusted that we would be great, and why not, we are created in His image…we are His!

Do you still trust in God?   He still trusts in you!


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