Meet Greg


I ran in to a guy named Greg on Saturday (pictured).  He caught my attention right away by the sign that he had in front of him.  The sign had John 3:16 written out as a message to everyone who walked by.  What caught my attention about him was that he wasn’t approaching anyone, but was more than willing to discuss with those who would take the time to stop and talk with him.

I walked over and thanked him for sharing what seems to be a simple message, and that is when I met Greg.  He told me that he had quit his job a few years ago to follow a calling that he felt God had placed in his life.  He has been living day to day for the past few years, trusting God for his daily meals and camping spots to be provided for.  He travels around from location to location and shows the message of love in John 3:16.

The reason I write today is to ask that you pray for Greg’s ministry.  In speaking with him he shared why he feels the need to do what he does.  He told me that God placed a desire in his heart to share the Gospel message by making himself available to share God’s love.  He spoke of how so many today fail to put feet to the Gospel.  He doesn’t ask for any money, just prayers.  It was humbling to speak with him as he shared how he “wants to fulfill the Great Commission.”

For the past four years he has made his way into the mountains of Avery County and camps at local campgrounds.  I met him at the visitors center of Linville Falls as he was sitting there enjoying the day.  He informed me that he will be around the area for a little while, and is planning on moving up toward the Shenandoah National Park, but is taking it all a day at a time.  He mentioned that there have been times where he had nice tents and cots that he feels God led him to give away.

The best lesson I learned from Greg is this, Faith is something we must take seriously, and something that many in the church today lack.  He talked of Faith in such a way that I was humbled by my own actions and thoughts at times.  He talked of how he has to have faith that God will provide for him as he continues to share the Gospel.  He shared with me of times that God has provided meals to him, at times in excess where he was able to take the food to homeless shelters.  He shared of days where he has had folks just feel led to give him small amounts of cash, and they have always been at a time that it was exactly what he needed.

He shared of times when he has taken a step of faith in something that he felt God leading him to do with his funds, and within days he has had that fully replenished.  Greg made sure to remind me however that “God always provides just what I need.”

Today, I use his story to ask a couple things of each of us.  First, keep the faith and remain obedient to the call God places on you.  You may never realize the blessings He intends for you if you are scared to step out on faith.  Two, please pray for Greg in what he is doing, and if you see him take the opportunity to encourage him and if you feel led maybe donate to his cause.  I can promise you this, he won’t ask for a donation.  Step out on faith today…share the Gospel!


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