A Father’s Love

With Father’s Day passing by us, it gives us time to reflect on the love of a father.  I think specifically about the love my dad showed each day; about the unconditional, deep love that was always in his heart.  How he would give of himself for many, not just family, but for any who might need a touch from the Lord.  Dad always wanted to make sure that people saw Jesus in him.

I know of many father’s in the area who are the same way; men who have stepped up to the call on their lives and accepted their mission to carry the love of God to all.  We are all called to exemplify Christ to those around us.  Others should be able to tell that we are Christians, not just trust that we are because we say we are.  The Biggest lie that we tell ourselves, and that is told to the world, is the amount of people who lie to themselves about being truly sold out for the Gospel of Christ.

There are many who claim Christ, but their life does not reflect his love to others.  Scripture tells us that they will know we are Christians by our love…

They will know us by our love?  What does that mean?  It means that they will know who we are because of the love that we show others.  It means that they will know we are Christians because we look like Him.

The marks of a great dad are this.  A great dad looks like his Heavenly Father.  He wants others to see that he is sold out to his Lord, and wants to make sure his children (whether blood or adopted) are shown the example of love that only the Lord could have provided.  A great dad shares the love of Christ with his family and those he comes in contact with.

Fathers, I encourage you to be the man of God that your children need.  I encourage you to put on the mind of Christ, serve your families, and ensure that “As for you and your house, you will serve the Lord.”


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