Knowing the Scripture

With all the conversation that has come up about the movie “Noah”, I feel that I need to address something that has been the topic of conversation. The biggest thing I have seen and heard during this process is the Knowledge of Scripture. One of the biggest problems that I believe we face today is that many in the church like to argue for the sake of arguing.
There are many who get into conversations on a daily basis about films, programs, events, and more; many of them getting fighting mad about the situation. I want to encourage each of you today to read and familiarize yourself with the scripture. There is only one occasion in which Jesus got so mad that he reacted in any way other than speaking in love and truth. That occasion is when Jesus turned over the tables of the temple and told the vendors that they had made a mockery of God’s house.
We as Christians today, in my honest opinion (and as I say this, I realize that I am very guilty of this myself), overreact to circumstances and situations that honestly do not warrant such a reaction by us. Noah has sparked a war of words between many folks, and many of them within the Christian faith. It is a film, a production of Hollywood, a story that is set forth for Entertainment value, directed by a man who is only worried about a paycheck. It is very loosely based on scripture (and when I say loose, I mean that it is essentially only using names and certain facts such as a boat, a flood, and one family remaining).
This being said, I believe that we as Christians have two responsibilities in this…one, we must be careful to not show approval for things that are not of God. Scripture tells us to be aware of what we show our approval for because we are called as examples, and if we are showing approval for the world, we are not exemplifying Christ. The second, I feel that we need to use opportunities to share the truth when the contrary is put out there. Rather than just telling others not to see a film, invite them to watch and discuss, opening the scripture to share the right story and open their minds to understanding what God can show them.
I’m not saying we should encourage folks to go and see films like Noah necessarily, but I am saying that we should remember that this is a Hollywood production that is not intended to win souls to Christ. I am saying however that we should not condemn others for their decisions to see the film, rather, we should discuss it with them and hopefully open the doors of communication that the Church for whatever reason has chosen to close in many cases.
Westboro Baptist Church has been the best example I can think of that makes this point. We as the church should not be condemning anyone to Hell…it is not our place. We can share scripture and our understanding, but we must be calm and collected if we want the truth to be heard. Jesus addressed sin with conversation, sharing what is right, but ultimately giving them the choice to listen and choose the truth over their worldly ways. Just be aware that the world will not give up easily.
Today, choose truth. Study and memorize scripture and always be ready with an answer. Remember Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden Thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Scripture is strong on its own…we do not have to add to it to make a point or add entertainment value. Let God’s word tell us the story today; let it work in you and through you today.


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