Case of the Monday’s

You have probably heard it before, and truthfully, I can think of a number of times I’ve used the statement, “Looks like someone has a case of the Monday’s,” or “its Monday…”  This statement is usually delivered with a glum look and a less than positive attitude, or is made because of the foul mood that someone may be in.

This statement, likely made famous by the movie “Office Space” is something that many folks look to as a reason for their day not going as planned.  The truth about this statement is likely in that Monday tends to be a disappointing day, but I believe that it comes from an attitude that we choose rather than a disease or condition that many make it out to be.

Bear with me for a moment on this…

Monday, for many is when they go back to school or go back to work, and the outlook is bleak due to the anticipated long week ahead.  We naturally tend to look at life in a negative fashion at times, it just happens, especially when something is not fully to our liking.  This is the case for many when it comes to returning to work or school.  Think about it – there are many who do not enjoy their jobs, and because of that they dread the week ahead.  Many students may know of tests or other stressors that could come up during the week, and therefore do not want to experience the week ahead in the classroom.

Whatever the case may be, having a case of the Monday’s can be a difficult chapter in many of our lives.  I want to present a solution to each of us today…you may have a bleak outlook on life, you may not want to face the week, or weeks, ahead, but there is hope for each of us.

The solution? Take that Sunday feeling with you all week long!

Many of us are members at church, and how many times on a Sunday afternoon or evening do you hear or take part in a conversation about how great that service was?  Take it with you…if you do not attend church, I would encourage you to get into a body of believers and get active in the church.  That feeling after a great worship service can be just the ticket to curing your case of the Monday’s.

We as Christians are asked to take Christ with us wherever we go anyhow…we are to carry him to the hurting, the suffering, the hungry, the sick…”whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me!” (Matthew 25:40)

The feeling we get when we serve others is the same feeling that we can get in a good worship service…it is the same feeling we get from a great quiet time with our Savior…and it is something we can apply to our lives each day…and in doing so, cure a case of the Monday’s in our life, and possibly cure a case of the Monday’s for someone else along the way.

Today, help cure that Monday feeling by taking Christ with you everywhere you go!


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