When you’re a Celebrity…

One thing that has been on my mind over the past few weeks is the mentality of a Christian Celebrity.  What I mean by this is someone who is only known in the Christian community…someone who is trying to make a name in the world by using the guise of being a Christian.

Truth is, there are a number of folks who seem to be overwhelmed with the idea that they have to be popular to make a name for their Savior, when the reality of it is, their Savior is the one who makes a name for them.  We look at the world and see the impact that Celebrities tend to have on the younger generations, and in the Christian realm there are so many who will use Jesus Christ as their means to get a name out.

We don’t have to be famous to make sure that people see Christ in us…in fact, being a Christian means that people see Christ in you and that your name is not important at all.  We as Christians should put on the face of Christ in all that we do…from what we say to others to how we act and carry ourselves, people are watching to see what we are.

I’m not saying that Christian music artists are all bad, and I’m not saying that they are all wrong in the way they handle things, but I am of the mind when we claim to be a Christian that we must be different…we must set ourselves apart from those around us and be a different person than what the world sees on a daily basis.

We don’t need for everyone to know who we are for us to be used to change lives for the Kingdom, in fact if others can see us at all, then we are not being what we are called to be.  We should be a reflection of Christ to the world, and in so doing we should make sure that we give every opportunity to share His name and His glory with everyone.

Who are you making a name for today?


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