Over the past few months I have committed myself to getting back in shape.  It has not been easy, but I have found that my Christian values have been helpful in the process, and it has really gotten me thinking about the walk we are to have as Christians.

To lose weight you must make a commitment to yourself to follow through on any diet or exercise plan that you set your mind to.  You cannot just simply hope to lose the weight for it to come off; you have to dedicate yourself to it.  It is the same with our walk with Christ, you cannot simply hope that everything will work itself out; you must dedicate yourself to His teachings and allow him to work in you to see change happen.

Another thing that I found with it is that not only do you need your commitment to be successful, but also it is better to have someone there to help push you along.  This is also something that is vital to our Christian walk.  Nothing is easy when tackled alone, but when you have others beside you working for the same cause, things will start to become manageable and you will find that the struggles you are facing are the same struggles that others face.

For this reason I feel that one of the best things I have realized in all of this is a commitment to God is a must for our Christian walk.  This commitment that we must undertake is one of dedication to God’s word and work in our own lives and in the lives of others around us.  If we begin to seek others who can come along side us with the same goals, we will find that our churches will grow; our lives will become reflections of Jesus to a world that has all but forgotten what He did for them.

Hebrews tells us not to forsake the gathering together as a body as is the custom of some.  This custom has become more and more the norm in today’s society and I feel that we must change that.  Too many today adopt the mentality that their relationship with God is one that is a personal relationship and does not need to be shared.  I am here to tell you today that while it is a personal relationship, we are also called to share it so that others can see the change that God can make in a life.

Find a church home, find others who are struggling with the same issues you are, and work together to glorify God in all.  God wants to work through you to help others, and wants to work through others to help you.  Do not forget today that we are called the Family of God because we are to act as a family, treat each other as relatives, and love as He loved us.  Today, find your place in that Family and evaluate your commitment to His kingdom.


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