It is a wonderful Sunday when you are sitting in service and the pastor shares something that is practical and can apply today to your life as a Christian. This was true for me this past weekend. Ryan Shirck, the new minister at Elk Park Christian Church, was sharing his message about what the church needs, and I feel that it is something we all need as members of the Church, as the bride of Christ.

The message as based around an anagram, and as many of you know from my past few months, they can speak to us in many ways, and this one is no different. The anagram is E.A.T… Engage, Apply, and Tell.

As Christians we need to engage in the church. We need to find ourselves seeking opportunities to get involved in the Kingdom of God. We should seek for times in which we can share the Gospel with someone. We should also find ourselves seeking to be involved and engaged in the Church. Building the Kingdom starts with sharing the Good News of Jesus and is story as it applies to us today. When we ENGAGE ourselves in the Church, we find ourselves happier, more energetic, and more aware of the opportunities that are available to us to share the Gospel.

We must also take the opportunity to engage ourselves with the Scripture, and then APPLY it to our lives. We must always be looking for chances to apply the Gospel in our everyday lives, whether it be a chance to share the Word, or a chance to look for God’s blessings at work in our personal lives or the lives of others. This application process develops an awareness of what God is doing in our lives.

Finally, to wrap it all up, we must TELL. The first part of this is simple and common sense, tell others of Christ…but another aspect of the Telling process is when we tell others of our needs and work together in prayer to see God in action. It is something we can all work together to see God do amazing things in his church.

Engage yourself in the Church, Apply the teachings and the Word to your life, and Tell others about Christ and your needs and become the family of God that we are to be.

Today is a day we can change, and if we are willing to EAT our spiritual food, we can grow strong in the Lord and work hard for His kingdom.


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