The Cross

One of the most inconceivable things within the Christian faith is the Cross of Jesus.  With this week being the Passion week, I have been focused intently on the cross and what it means to each of us.

What is so difficult to understand is the grace that was shown with a simple act of mercy that was more than any man on earth could do for each other.  There was only one who walked the earth that could have done what Jesus did, and that was Jesus himself.

Jesus came to save the world (John 3:17) and that is just what he did…dying on a cross, bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

There are a few interesting facts about the cross that make this even more amazing.  The Old Testament prophesies paint a picture of a Messiah that would come and “by his stripes we are healed (Is. 53:6)”.  What is even more interesting, even Jesus said that there would be a time when the Son of Man would be lifted up.

The traditional Jewish method of punishment was stoning, yet, they looked to the Roman method for Jesus’ execution.  They had determined that he would be taken out…they even pushed through trials at times that went against their own rules and regulations.  There were so many different things that should have happened differently according to their customs, and yet, the main accusation against Jesus was that he was not like the Pharisees…he was set apart.

The truth of the cross is that it happened just as it was told, down to the letter that was written in blood that gave us pardon from our sins.  By the stripes of Jesus we have been healed.  Jesus was beaten, brusied, and nailed to a cross to bear a sin that he never committed.

In fact, what is likely the most interesting fact of the cross is that Jesus knew what was coming.  How many of us, knowing that death on a cross was our final act, would willingly give in to the torture so that others may live?  How many of us would die for the ones who were nailing us to the cross?  How many of us would give ourselves freely to the will of God, even if it meant death?

That is what the cross is all about, a sacrifice that was given freely…look to the cross today and find true peace and comfort during this Easter week.


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