In the Beginning … God

I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying over the last week, and it has been difficult to get focused on what I need with everything that has been going on around me.  In the loss of my Dad, it has been a week that has truly changed my life, but I was comforted in the first four words of Dad’s favorite book…The Bible.

Dad raised me and my sister on the scriptures.  He was always at the ready with a verse that would aid in any situation.  Those teachings that Dad gave throughout my life have stuck with me as I have grown and continue to guide as the days go by.

The first verse of scripture is Genesis 1:1, which states, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  There is truth in this verse, and it is more than just a statement of fact about God creating the earth, it is a promise from God.

The first four words of Genesis 1:1 holds a promise of fulfillment.  “In the beginning…”, three words that state the start of something, the beginning, and a fresh new outlook.  Those words are then followed by God, the Creator, making it a promise that shows one thing…”In the beginning…God…”.

This promise tells us one major thing…God was there from the start.  Every new beginning gives us an opportunity to sit back and remember that God knows what you need because He has always been there from the start.  We can always look at every new beginning in life this way.

No matter the circumstance, God offers us comfort in diversity.  No matter what we are facing, be it a new job, a death in our family, or even a wedding…it all comes down to a new beginning…a chance to reflect on what is truly important in our lives, and a chance to rely on the only solution to every problem.  In the beginning….God.

When we face a new job…God.  When we get married…God.  When we face an untimely death…God.

No matter what we see in life…the answer to all of life’s problems is God.  Are you relying on God today to help you through your circumstances, or are you looking within yourself for answers that you simply do not have.  Make today the day that you begin to seek God in all you do.

This is something we can do each and every morning as we face the day…wake up, think about the beginning of the day and remember, “In the beginning…God.”


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