When we come before the throne of God we are to come reverently. God is there for us to address each and every moment of the day because we have accepted His grace if we have truly devoted ourselves to the teaching in His word.

Where then do you stand today as you seek to serve God in your daily walk?

Paul addresses the issue of prayer in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 by saying to pray without ceasing. He also mentions prayer throughout his letters to the churches by telling of the power that is found in the daily conversations with God.

The problem that many Christians have today is the lack of zeal when it comes to developing their relationship with God. There are many who are content to sit back and watch the world fade into darkness and selfishly claim a savior who died for all without sharing the comfort that comes with a relationship with Him.

I ask you today to search your heart.  Look deep within yourself and take note of what you are doing for the kingdom. I encourage each of you to pray earnestly for God to work in situations with full assurance in the faith that He will deliver on His promises.

Prayer is an important part of your daily relationship with God. If it weren’t so I would venture to say that Jesus wouldn’t have taught the disciples how to do it. The apostles wouldn’t have preached it, and we wouldn’t rely on it when people are sick and downtrodden today. Pray until something happens today or this week. Pray for a month and see if God is not willing to fulfill promises that He made to us.

When you pray, abide in faith, because the promise of faith we have from Hebrews 11:1 states that, “faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of things we do not see.” When you pray with faith mountains move and things happen. Bury your life in prayer and enjoy the blessings that await.


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