What’s in a Name?

I have been focused a lot lately on a number of different topics that continually run through my head.  One that has continued to come up lately is the value of a name or title.

Your name is what you are known by, what others call you.  Some shorten it, others choose to go by initials, but it becomes your identity.  In the same way, a job title can become like a name in the corporate world.

You know certain people by their positions in the working world, maybe the head coach of a prominent sports team, or president of a company…even the President of the United States.  Each person is known by what they do or what they have accomplished in this modern society.

In looking at this from a Christian perspective, we have to take a closer look into this issue.  As Christians we have accepted a name.  We call ourselves Christian, which in every sense of the name should mean Christ-like.  We are to exemplify Christ to a broken world.  Many will look to us for answers because of the name we claim…others will look for the mistakes and blunders for the same reason.

The name that we have taken on is the name of Christ.  The title we assume is Child of God.  When we tell the world that we have taken these into our lives, we are to make the changes necessary to make sure the world sees us as they would have seen Christ.  Christ was unafraid to stand in the gap and show others what His father was trying to accomplish here on Earth.

In the same way, we are to do as Christ would have done for those around us.  Christ was always looking for a ministry opportunity when it came to those around him.  If he was able to show how great the love and power of God is, he did.

Are you being like Christ to those around you today?  Take a good look at yourself and see where you fit in…are you showing the world what is in your name?  How will others know or remember you?