Selflessly Devoted

Last week I talked about the difference in being selfless vs. being selfish.  This week, I want to continue on the idea of being selfless.

The concept really isn’t a foreign idea to Christians.  The truth of the matter is that Christians have a hard time being selfless because, just like many in the world, they allow the selfish nature to override the system.  Many people struggle with the ideas of being selfless.

As Christians we are to exemplify the love that Christ has showed to each of us.  This love is one that has full sacrifice in mind…this love is a love that endures all hardships, and conquers every problem that will ever be faced by a Christian.

The love of Christ is strong enough to take our sins, wash them in blood and cast them away in full forgiveness…forgetting what has been done, and moving forward as if nothing ever happened.

The reason that Christ was on the cross was to save a lost world from their sins.  Christ was selflessly devoted to the calling that God had placed on his life.  Jesus gave everything that he had to the cause that his Father set out to achieve from the beginning of his life.

God saw a need for salvation, and knew the only option was to place His son in our situation.  His Son, Jesus, knew that the only hope in saving the world was to be selfless.  Jesus knew the hope of the world was in his pursuit of perfection while on the earth, and in his selfless attitude toward giving everyone a hope worth living for.

And to Jesus, this was worth dying for.

Each of us deserves to die for the sins that we commit daily, but those sins were washed away by the selfless sacrifice of Jesus.  As Christians we are called to make these kind of selfless decisions on a daily basis, we are called to be Christ to a lost and dying world.

How selfless are you willing to be for the cause of Christ?  Are you willing to selflessly devote yourself to the teaching of the Gospel?  Are you willing to be a selfless sacrifice for the furthering of the Kingdom?

Selfless sacrifice comes when Christians are willing to give up everything they have if it means that souls can be saved…it is what missionaries do on a daily basis, giving up the comforts of life to preach the Gospel to a group of Vagabonds.

Selflessly devote yourself to the call…the World is waiting!