Open Doors

Open doors are one of the biggest focuses in the life of a Christian.  Many of us say, “when God opens this door or closes that one” about many different situations and circumstances that we may be facing in our lives.  It’s hard for us to imagine our lives without these doors that we speak of.  One thing that we sit back and wonder sometimes is why circumstances lead us the way that they do, or why something that we may have been praying and suffering over is working out differently than we had pictured in our minds.  This is one of the best promises that God has given us in our lives, the promise of ‘no worries’.

With many colleges and high schools already having a graduation, and  many others yet to hold their commencement;  I came to the realization that education is something that is important in the lives of many, and how life-changing a graduation can be.  I’ve often thought of graduation as being a very life altering event, but never had I brought it into this kind of light.  I realized that there in each job posting that I was searching through had a common line dealing with education.  This line would either say High School Diploma or Equivalent, Batchelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and the list goes on and on of different education levels to be reached.  I then realized the level to which Graduation could change our lives.

Graduation is one of the few things in our lives that marks the end of an era and the beginning of another one.  I remember graduating from high school and the feeling that I had the next morning knowing that I didn’t have to do that again, I was done, and not one person could take that away from me.  The same feeling came the day that I received my degree from college.  The feeling is something that is unmatched, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of completion, a feeling of relief; all of these leading to the opening of new doors and new opportunities in our lives.

The only other time that I felt this in my life also came with the same ‘no worries’ promise.  That time was the day I accepted Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior.  That day was my Graduation from the ordinary life into the extraordinary life that God has for each of His followers.  This ‘no worries’ promise comes to us in the book of Matthew in the New Testament.  Matthew 6:25-34 shows us the promise with details of what not to worry about.  As the new chapters start to unfold in our lives we start to see that God is in control, and all it takes from us is to accomplish these things in our lives with the help of a Father who gives us all we need.