Election of 2008

I will be honest, I voted for McCain, and with good reason….
That being said, here is my take…As a Christian, and an American, it is our duty to be supportive of the Leadership of this country no matter what the outcome of the Election. It is our constitutional right to vote, we are granted that with our citizenship to this great country. Barack Obama was elected by the people, for the people and of the people as the 44th President of this great country that we call home. I may not agree with his platforms, I may not agree with his demeanor at times, and I may not agree with his opinions on issues, but I am an American.
I am writing this to encourage the same attitude out of everyone…for those of you who will read this that voted for Obama, I know that attitude won’t be hard to take. For those of you who voted for McCain/Palin, this is the challenge that I lay before you. Think back to the last 8 years and the attacks that have taken place on this great country, as well as our President George W. Bush. There has been a split in the Country based on issues that haven’t completely been Bush’s fault, but some things (I will agree) have not been beneficial to the economy and to the country. But I would bring into light that this government is set up with a system of Checks and Balances, a system that is to keep any one branch of our Government from having too much power, so therefore, not all decisions were Bush’s fault, as will be the case with Obama. There are alot of systems in place to keep certain things from taking place that may not be in the best interest of the people.
Another factor in this is the Media, a entity that in my opinion has too much power in this country…there are times that I feel they dominated the election to the point of telling people how they should vote, and being too instrumental in the opinion of the public…
Do I think they influenced the outcome of the Election? Maybe. Do I feel that they determined the outcome? No, I feel that they influenced opinion, but I’m not sure they swayed anything to the point of a different outcome in the Presidential Election. There were many other factors that led to the votes swinging the way that they did.
So what exactly am I saying? We are a country that is formed on Patriotism, we are a country who is prideful on issues, and we are a nation who I am calling on to reinvent the Patriotism of old. I may just be a Youth Minister/Sports Writer/Sales Executive from a small town, but I know how I feel about this country, and I know that the attitude of packing up and moving, the attitude of dissent toward a person because we don’t agree with them, the same attitude that has plagued us for the past 8 years has got to stop!
So what, you may not agree with President Bush, but he has been your President and did not deserve to be blackballed by the Media or the people. We wonder why this country has lost the respect that we used to have in the world? Its not the war, its not the economy, its the lack of support for the leader of our country…why would we expect the world to view us as a power when we can’t even get along on the small issues. And now, others of you may not agree with President-elect Obama, but he will be your leader, and we as Citizens of this country should view him in the same manor that we should have viewed Bush. If we want to establish ourselves as the Country we were established to be, then we need to support the leadership, stop whining about the issues, and make mention of the real issue – the utter lack of respect for this great country we call home!!!! We are AMERICANS, first and foremost, and when we talk badly about our leader it shows the world that we aren’t.
I don’t agree with the Democrat Platforms, but that being said, I don’t really agree with the Republican Platforms either…but what i do agree with is that this country was founded on freedom…and we are allowed to react the way we wish…but to prove to the world that we are not a country divided, that we are not a country that can’t get along…we need to band together in this time…
Christians need to do this more than any, many voted for McCain because of the Moral issues at hand, but as Christians Jesus told us, “rend Caesar what is his, and God what is His”. This means support your leaders, give them the respect they deserve, because they are your leader too! Don’t push aside the issues you hold true, and it doesn’t mean you have to support the stand of the Leader, but rather than calling for their head on a platter…pray for them! Pray for the well-being of this nation, pray for the President and his family, pray for the world, pray about the economy…the only truth that we can rest in is that GOD is in control…we are not. GOD is going to see His plans through (with or without us), but I prefer to be with Him.
These are just my thoughts, and I challenge each of you who call yourselves Christians to step up and be what you claim to be…don’t be the start of dissension, be the voice of Change, be the voice of Christ to this fallen world…be Christ-like, as your name means. And as Americans, be patriotic to the Flag that has served you, the Flag that has been fought for throughout the years…and the Country that you call Home!!
God bless you all, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!